Friday, 26 March 2010

Q-pot cell phone is available in Japan!Cute....

This phone, jointly made with Tokyo accessory maker Q-pot, is part of NTT Docomo’s new winter line, and it has some odd chocolate bar coating to complete the illusion of sweet candy. It comes in a Melty Bitter brown or Melty Strawberry pink color, and features some “sweet” pre-installed chocolate-themed wallpapers, photo frames, and menus. The exclusive strap, artbook and special package that are available at nowhere but here come with the phone. Stocks are limited to 13000 sets.
It also has a 3-inch WVGA ASV screen, an 8MP CCD camera, Bluetooth, and a 1-seg digital TV tuner.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Items want to sell..^^; B$50

I have an extra brand new complete set of Fullmetal Alchemist Styling figures..
Direct order from Hobby Link Japan.
Still in boxes, haven't opened.
Anyone interested, pls drop me a message..

Friday, 30 October 2009

Monster Hunter @ Toys Logic

Dont Miss it ^o^

Pre-Order end date: 11/04/2009.
-->Release Date: 01/15/2010.

Plush is about 10cm tall.
Model: TL300793355
Shipping Weight: 1.1lbs
Manufactured by: Capcom

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Let's High Tea

Preorder Petite Chara Land Gintama Ginpachi Sensei's Classroom Spring on Jan 2010...Cute..Must Buy

Mega House Gintama Fortune Biscuits - Release this December 09

Fullmetal Alchemist Play Arts Kai Action Figure - Square Enix

Edward Elric : Shift your gaze over to Ed. Since he has been complaining about his height incessantly, the figure developers decided to give him a body that can rival Alphonse in size. Dressed in his trademark red jacket, hiding his mechanic arm, Ed is every bit as ready to fight as his little brother.

Alphonse Elric : The huge armor and the tiny Ed beside it has been the image that jumps into people's mind when they heard Full Metal Alchemist. Alphonse Elric the gentler, calmer little brother had his soul transfered into a suit of armor after an accident.Brought to you by Square Enix is this suit of moving armor. The hard lines and angles are painted and polished meticulously such that every spike glints. Fully articulated figure. Comes with cat and extra face.

Coming soon!!! Arrival on November from HLJ

Saturday, 10 October 2009

These are some of my collections from Hongkong, Spore and order from Japan

Bleach - 1/6 Toushiro Hitsugaya Action Doll

This is the most expensive figure (doll) i buy in Singapore at Sunchine Plaze when i first started my anime figurine collection.

It cost me B$220 but it was worth for the price. He is stunningly detailed and comes dressed in masterfully sewn fabric clothing that features embedded wires for bending his coat to simulate it floating in the wind! He comes with his Hyourinmaru sword and sheath. His expression look so real like in the anime.

New items added to my collections

D.Gray-Man Figures (1 Set - $29.00) Anyone Interested??

I have bought an extra set in Spore.